Centor Top Hung External Folding Door System

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Top Hung External Folding Door System

The Centor bifold door system creates a truly seamless transition between indoor and outdoor spaces. The E3 bifold door system is suitable for a range of applications from stylish private residences to the most ambitious store front, restaurant or commercial project.

Features & Benefits

  • Suitable for a range of residential and commercial applications - can also be used on window systems
  • Accommodates top-hung panels up to 1200mm wide x 3600mm high and 115kg, allowing for the extra weight of double and triple glazing, and laminated glass
  • Has been tested and passed PAS24-2016, allowing you to have peace of mind
  • Quick fix surface-mounted fittings allow for easy assembly
  • Ten year warranty
  • Effortless operation.


  • Use: Internal or External
  • Opening: Inward or outward
  • Joinery type: Non-mortice
  • Type: Top-hung
  • Max leaf weight: 115kg
  • Max leaf width/height: 1200mm*/3600mm
  • Min leaf thickness: 35mm
  • Max number of panels: 8 left + 8 right


Quick-fix surface-mounted fittings for easy assembly

  • Fully adjustable
  • Optional twin point locking system
  • Available in two finishes.


Get started today

The innovative Centor E3 bifold door system from Centor is available to order today from Coastal Group.

To get started simply click the link below to complete the enquiry form. You will need:

  • Configuration details (i.e. how you would like the leaves of your bifold doors configured)
  • Structural opening size and type
  • Sill channel/threshold requirements
  • Finish
  • Locking type
  • Euro cylinder, weather seal and handle preferences

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