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Largest ever product range launched in new publication

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Published on October 11, 2023 at 9:16:41 AM PDT October 11, 2023 at 9:16:41 AM PDTth, October 11, 2023 at 9:16:41 AM PDT
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The latest catalogue from Coastal Group has been published, showcasing its biggest ever range of door and window hardware for joiners.

“We’ve listened to customers and finetuned our products and services to meet their changing demands,” explains Coastal Group Managing Director, Loren Jenner. “It’s not just about the look and feel of products for customers; it’s about innovation and continuous improvement. People expect their hardware to last so durability and quality is also more important than ever.”

As well as showcasing door and window furniture, the comprehensive catalogue features a new enhanced multipoint lock section to simplify ordering.

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Detailing the many Winkhaus multipoint door locking systems, the section covers all types of doors from lever operated single doors to stable doors, slam shut, key operated and double doors.

“Advancement in the industry continues to keep us on our toes,” continues Loren Jenner. “We work closely with joiners and manufacturers to ensure we develop, supply and source everything they need to maximise efficiency and effectiveness when manufacturing external timber doors and windows.”

One new range launched in the catalogue is the HS4 Portal V4 Comfort Unit lift and slide solution from Siegenia.

“The joinery industry is facing new challenges every year,” says Adrian Welch, Head of Sales for the Joinery division at Coastal Group. “Labour shortages are a growing problem, but this innovation from Siegenia is a real game changer. We can’t wait to introduce the new range to customers, helping them create lift and slide solutions that save time and money while delivering an outstanding end user experience.”

The new 300-page catalogue from Coastal Group also introduces new finishes and styles of their own iconic 316 marine grade stainless steel range of door and window hardware, BLU, along with an enhanced tooling section.

“The range is more impressive than ever,” continues Adrian. “With every joiner’s requirements bespoke, an off-the-shelf tooling system isn’t always the best solution so we’ve developed tooling that gives a superior finish when machining doors and windows for our hardware. Just give us a call to chat through your needs.”

While listing products and their specifications in detail, the catalogue also provides technical support with insights, tips and guides to working out what components are required for different jobs.


Hot off the press, the catalogues are being delivered to customers across the UK and beyond in the coming weeks. You can view the catalogue online or request a hard copy.

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