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Social Media Ideas for JoinersSocial media content calendar for joiners

Over 57 million people in the UK use social media, whether Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, X (formerly Twitter), Pinterest or TikTok.

Most view social media on their mobile devices, spending an average of 110 minutes every day. That’s nearly two hours a day.

Why do people use social media

Most of us use social media to keep in touch with friends and family. But we also use it to fill spare time; seeking entertainment, amusement and inspiration.

Social media offers a valuable opportunity to connect with your customers, building that all important know, like and trust factor that leads to enquiries and sales.

But how do you make time to update your social media when you’re busy all day working on projects, meeting clients and dealing with suppliers?

Our quick content guide is a great place to start; here are some social media content ideas for joiners to inspire you to post regularly to your business accounts.

Be inspired to take your social media marketing to the next level with our quick start content calendar, available to download or print on the link below (no opt-in required).

Print content calendarOr read on for your month's worth of social media content.

1. Share a personal pic

We all want to know the faces behind the brand; faceless logos don’t do much for instilling confidence, so step out from behind the generic logo and give us a smile. A simple photo of you personalises the brand and makes you more approachable to customers.

2. Highlight a product or service

What are some of your most popular products or services? What do customers ooh and aah about when you explain what you do? Make it easy for people to understand what you can offer by making a short video introducing one of your most popular products or services.

3. Share a before and after photo

We all love a before and after, showing the transformation from awful to awesome. It’s easy to forget to capture the work in progress but be sure to grab a snap of the old before replacing and perfecting the new. The results are powerful.

>4. Show off your work area

One of the most popular type of posts is the candid look behind the scenes. You don’t even need to be in front of the camera; just lift the curtain on your workshop and share some images or video of your tools, ongoing projects or work space. This is a good opportunity to showcase any high tech equipment you use for the projects your clients love.

5. Answer an FAQ

There will be a certain questions that you get asked all the time. You will know what they are. A quick piece to camera answering one of your most frequently asked questions is a great way to educate your audience and show off your expertise.

6. Announce something new

Maybe it’s a new service, a new logo or even a new addition to the family. If you’re excited about the arrival or something new, it’s likely your customers will be too.

7. Share what inspires you today

Family, environment, nature, ambitions, whatever inspires you, take a moment to share with your audience.

8. Share some new equipment

Your day to day work is probably dependent on key pieces of equipment, whether it’s a favourite tool or a piece of high tech gear. Share any new additions to the workshop or the vehicle fleet with your audience, along with an explanation of what it does and why you’re so excited about its arrival.

9. Reveal your work process

Drawings, sketches, notes, work in progress; who doesn’t love to see your creative process? The steps you take to produce a finished project is what makes your skills so valuable. You’ve taken years to master your trade, but that doesn’t mean you can’t share how you get there.

10. Ask a question of your audience

Social media is a great place to have a chat and be social. We love this post from Halstead Homestead, inviting people to share their interests in music and reading; and the photo of the loaded bookcase and traditional record player ties in nicely with their brand values.

11. Share a fun fact

One of the reasons we use social media is to educate ourselves. Give your audience a way to impress others by telling them a story about one of your products or the raw materials you use.

For instance, did you know that staircases in castles always travel clockwise? This is so attacking swordsmen would be at a disadvantage in battle, as they would have to scale the staircase with their left side to the front. Who knew?

12. Share a hobby

You’re more than just your work; and your interests will likely overlap with your customers’. Lift the lid on your private life and give an insight into how you relax, unwind and recharge for the week.

13. Share a motivational quote

We all need a little bit of motivation from time to time, and your online audience is no different. Inspire them with a positive quote. Use a free tool like Canva or Adobe Express to create an eye catching graphic.

14. Share progress on a job

It takes time and effort to achieve the perfect finish on your projects. Sharing photos of your work as you progress is a great way of demonstrating the precision work value that customers benefit from when working with you.

15. Post a picture of your pet

There are probably more photos of dogs and cats on social media than there are people…. Take advantage of the trend and give your pet a moment in the spotlight. You could even link it with your business, like this post from CompDoor, where the pup is invited to test the security of a stable door…

16. Share your charity work

What else matters to your company? Being socially responsible, ethical and sustainable is almost expected in business. You probably already fundraise or contribute to a charity; shine a light on the cause and show your human side by sharing your efforts on your social media.

17. Show off a favourite project

These type of posts are the bread of butter of any tradesperson. You’re likely already sharing photos and videos of your work but it’s worth a mention to schedule in plenty of diverse projects at various stages of completion.

18. Share what got you started?

Maybe you trained straight from school; perhaps you retrained after changing career. Whatever your story, people love to hear how you got where you are. Sharing a bit of information about yourself and your journey show a human side and give others an opportunity to connect and relate.

19. Shine a light on other accounts

You probably have a group of trades people and businesses who you work with on larger projects. Giving other brands a shout out is a great way of supporting each other and offering a more comprehensive service to your customers.

20. Reveal a personal passion

What do you do outside of work? How do you relax and unwind? Opening up about a personal passion outside of work is a great way to connect with people online. Your hobbies and interests reveal another side, personalise your brand and show there is a genuine person on the other side of the brand.

21. Explain how to choose a joiner

Choosing a joiner isn’t straightforward and for many customers it can seem daunting. What factors should they consider? What questions should they ask? Give them a few pointers and make yourself the go-to friendly tradesperson who can answer all their questions.

22. Share a customer’s testimonial

A glowing customer testimonial can make your day; even your week. And it’s one of the best ways to bang your own drum. Create an eye-catching graphic using a tool such as Canva or Adobe Express and put your customer feedback front and centre of your social media. You could even link in with hashtag trends such as #FeedbackFriday.

23. Share a seasonal photo

The colours of social media change throughout the year as the seasons move from cool blue Winter to pops of bright colour in Spring, washes of sunshine and sea in Summer and splashes of autumnal hues. Tie in with seasonal trends by sharing photos of projects and work in progress with a seasonal twist. Perhaps the latest front door you installed has jolly daffodils growing in the front garden? Or there are jack a lanterns adorning the front door step.

24. Thank your audience

Our business wouldn’t exist without customers like you and we appreciate you every day. Thank you. Social media is a great place to publicly thank your customers for their support, and to introduce the team, whether they work directly with customers, behind the scenes or a bit of both.


The power of a timelapse means it deserves a bonus spot on our list of social media content ideas for joiners. This one from Smith Chambers Bespoke shows the transformation of a property with new windows and doors over time. Stunning. And perfectly possible with a smartphone.

Hopefully you're inspired with plenty of ideas to connect with existing customers and new ones on social media. We'd love to hear from you on there so click the links in the footer below to connect.

And with over 84% of the total UK population scrolling through social media on their phones every day, you may be missing out if you’re not there with them.

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