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Solutions to the Skilled Labour Shortage in The Joinery Industry

Written by Coastal Group ,
Published on April 14, 2021 at 10:04:00 AM PDT April 14, 2021 at 10:04:00 AM PDTth, April 14, 2021 at 10:04:00 AM PDT

Is The Shortage of Skilled Labour Causing You Issues In Your Joinery Workshop?

The current boom in the Home Improvement Industry is causing issues for Joinery Companies as the demand for windows and doors outstrips the speed at which orders can be fulfilled.

A skilled joiner takes years to train so recruiting additional labour is not a quick and easy fix. There are however several ways that we can help, and which don’t necessarily need skilled labour. We've detailed these below and included a form for you to request more information.

Solution 1: A faster, efficient way to produce bespoke Flush Casement Windows

Our Tritus Window System can save you 15 – 20 minutes production time per opening light.

It enables you to manufacture bespoke side hung or top hung, singles or pairs of flush casements whilst speeding up your machining and installation processes.

What’s more we have keeps and hinges available in 316 stainless steel for added durability in Accoya or coastal locations. Check out the Tritus Lift Off Butt Hinge in our new PVD stainless black finish.

View Steve’s video below to see the full range of benefits that the Tritus Window could bring you. Interested? Ask about the special price we have for you on your first trial window kit by completing the form on this page.



Solution 2:Remove the labour-intensive part of machining your beading

Beading is very labour-intensive to machine and it can be a challenge to machine the ends without them blowing out.

Our Durodeen Beading Profile range:

  • comes pre-machined,
  • stays consistent from batch to batch,
  • does not warp, distort, or rot,
  • provides a very high-quality paint finish.

As one of our joinery customers in Yorkshire said "The simple task for the sprayer to take the beading off the shelf cut it to approx. length and spray prior to windows being actually finished is a massive win for us and saves us a lot of time."

See the benefits and hear how Durodeen Beading is saving our customers time in the videos below. Request your sample pack of Durodeen profiles using the form below.



Solution 3: De-skill and speed up the whole machining process for single and double doors

Our new 3-in-1 spindle tool simplifies the machining process for double doors with a multipoint lock using:

  • Zero set positioning
  • One pass operation
  • Same tooling for master and slave doors

This tooling solution for our French door double rebated multipoint lock system (Solo & Klone) has the flexibility of separating the cutter head to be able to use for a single door. Also available is a single rebate option and the flexibility to incorporate any specific profile requirements.

The block is fitted with disposable tip carbide knives ensuring an optimum finish and constant diameter tooling.

“Super impressed with the quality of the tooling and the finish that it leaves.”



For more information on these solution or to schedule a call with our tooling expert Adrian please fill in the form :


If you would like to discuss any of these time saving solutions for your Joinery Workshop in more detail, please contact us on sales@coastal-group.com or call 01726 871 025.

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