Rullo Plus - Straight Sliding Door System

  • This system is available in both locking and non-locking options.
  • Suited to applications where the supporting structure or lintel is insufficient for the weight of the door or where headroom is limited.
  • The locking version is complete with a high security 6 hook lock plate and a simple height adjustment mechanism, the Rullo Plus is an effective solution for bottom rolling patio doors that suits both residential and commercial applications.
  • Doors must be constructed with bottom rails of at least 150mm depth to accommodate the concealed, morticed bottom rollers.
  • The door weight is carried on the floor.
  • Maximum door weight = 200kg.
  • Minimum door thickness = 40mm.
  • Maximum door thickness = 56mm.
  • Maximum panel height = 2400mm.

To open the 'Locking Section Drawings' please click on this link to open the PDF