Rullo Plus - Straight Sliding Door System


Bottom Rolling Straight Sliding Door System

Allows doors to be installed where there is limited overhead structural support.

  • High security locking or non-locking options available.
  • Suited to applications where the supporting structure or lintel is insufficient for the weight of the door or where headroom is limited.
  • Any number of doors can be used on single or multiple lines of rail that can slide to one or both sides of the opening.
  • Doors must be constructed with bottom rails of at least 150mm depth to accommodate the concealed, morticed bottom rollers.
  • Can be used on window systems also.


  • Use: Inrternal or External
  • Type: Bottom Roling
  • Max Leaf Weight: 200kg
  • Max Leaf Width: 3000mm
  • Max Leaf Height: 2400mm
  • Leaf Thickness: 40 - 56mm


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